Friday, March 8, 2013

Check This Out

Caught this link on Facebook this morning: 

29 Ways NOT to Submit to An Agent by Carole Blake

Pretty good and basic advice, I think.  Still, I remember making a couple of those mistakes.  Specifically, #10, #21.

Never again.

Have you made any of those mistakes?  (I think all of us have done #10 at least once.)


  1. Oh yeah, everyone's number 10 and you realize it the SECOND after you've hit send.

  2. LOL, JB - exactly. It's that second AFTER you hit send when your stomach drops and you scream "Nooooooo".

  3. Great article - thanks for the link, B.E.!! I am now guilty of number 5, but the publisher asked for it, so there!!

    And, yes to number 10!

  4. Yeah, they did, Janet, so you're not really guilty. =o)

  5. Read this off your FB page. Yes. Exactly!!!


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