Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I know I'm horrible about posting the winners of contests on here.  Usually I just email the person and tell them they won.  Today, though, I can't get ahold of one of the winners from yesterday's guest post - Keeping Swimming by Karin Tabke - so all of you get to know who won! 

Steph Scott...
JB Lynn...

Come on down!

I've already sent the good news off to JB, but I don't have a way to contact Steph, so if one of you knows her (or if you ARE her), tell her to contact me via besanderson at gmail dot com and I'll give her the details on getting her prize.

Congrats to you both, and thanks to you all for commenting along.  (Comments are still open, so keep those comments coming.  Even though you won't win, it's still an awesome post.)

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