Saturday, November 24, 2012

Even Published Writers Get the Squirms

If you're feeling like your muse has run away and you can't put words on paper to save yourself, understand that you aren't alone.  Even published authors get that way sometimes.  Even multiple-published authors...

like Paperback Writer.

If you're not familiar with Lynn Viehl (a.k.a. Paperback Writer, and S.L. Viehl), she's got 47 novels out on the shelves somewhere.  I've read about half of them and they're amazing.  If she can get the squirms and power through them, I don't feel so bad about my little niggles of uncertainty. 

How about you?  Does reading about a published author having the same problems we're having make you feel better or worse about your own situation?  Is it a case of 'misery loves company' or a case of 'shared misery is lessened misery'?


  1. Yeah. Me too. Maybe it's a function of being a writer.

  2. This sounds bad, but I always love hearing that multi-published authors have writing troubles too. Obviously I wish everything would be solved after the coveted book deal, but I know that isn't going to happen.


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