Monday, November 26, 2012

The Leftovers of Writing

Post the Thanksgiving pig-out time, many of us have leftovers.  Yesterday at the Word Whores, Jeffe Kennedy helps decide what to do with our writing leftovers.

If you're not familiar with Jeffe Kennedy, she's an amazing author of several spicy, erotic novels (most recently Hunting the Siren) and a fantasy that was probably one of my favorite books in 2012: Rogue's Pawn

Personally, I've never used snippets from one project in another project.  What about you?  Have you ever utilized those little writing leftovers to make something new and delicious?


  1. There's some good advice over there - thanks, B.E. for linking up to Jeffe's blog :)

    No, I've never used writing leftovers somewhere else. Of course, in real life, I hate leftovers, so it makes sense!

  2. At my house they are not left overs they are sequels. I don't write but I craft a lot. So I would think that writing snipets or flash of ideas would be like my left over material or yarn or do dad that inspires me to make a new project. I don't call it clutter I call it possiblities.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and clicking through, Janet. I love leftover food. It's my biggest diet downfall.

    That's it exactly, Kat. I do that with yarn, too. I just can't seem to make the pieces work in my stories. Thanks for dropping by, too. =o)

  4. This is why Scrivener is my new BFF when it comes to writing. I'm something of a puzzler anyway and I can write snippets that can be fitted into the story or saved for sequels or other works entirely. In my current WIP, I have a chapter and a handful of snippets that work within the whole series, if not necessarily *this* particular work. I'll either use them as "joining" material when finalize the printed anthology, or I'll use them in a sequel series when I get around to it.

    Jeffe is a terrific writer. I've judged some of her work for a contest and wish I had more time to read so I could search out some of her other work.

  5. I guess I didn't think of it that way, Silver. With a series, you would have the opportunity to use bits and pieces you might have discarded from other books in the series. I know I have pieces of Djinnocide waiting for their place in subsequent stories. And 'here, here' about Jeffe. She's great.


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