Monday, April 29, 2013

10 Signs That You're a Writer

Someone on my Facebook page linked to this today:

It's funny and oh-so true.  I hit every one but #3 - because I don't walk around asking myself how I could describe something.  I file it away in my memory and if I need to use it, I describe it then.  (Which is where #2 comes in, I guess.)

And yes, I am silently correcting your grammar.  (Well, okay, sometimes not so silently.)



  1. Guess I'm a writer! Thanks for the link, B.E.

  2. *bwahaha* Yes. This. Only I would add one more: You carry a notebook to write down ideas, inspiration, dialogue, and plot twists when they burst into your imagination. :)

  3. Of course you're a writer, Janet. Even if you doubt it, I don't. ;o)

    LOL, that too, Silver. And if you don't have a notebook, backs of receipts will do in a pinch.

  4. All of those sound like me, too. :P Also with the exception of #3. Rather than *thinking* of how I would describe something, I will actually describe it in my head. Or, file it away for later. ;)

    Thanks for sharing the list~

    - Esther


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