Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trying to Restart

When I started The Unpublished Writers' Guide to Survival, I had great hopes that this would become a place where those of us who haven't reached the goal of publication (yet) would be able to come together - commiserate with each other, learn from those who've gone before us, and just find a way to reach that seemingly unattainable prize. 

And then the move hit me.  Things got crazy in my life and blogging fell down the list of things to do (along with, I'm sad to say - my writing).  This place took a hit and my dream for The Guide started to fade. 

Well, I'm not about to let go yet.  I still believe blogging has a place in a writer's life.  I still believe blogs have value.  So I'm going to fight to keep this going.

Starting on the first of May, when I have an awesome surprise guest blogger stopping by - who will maybe help get my viewing numbers up and maybe I can help her sell some more of her most amazing books. 

I'll get back to throwing out my Survival Tips.  There'll be more of This Just In and Check This Out.  (Speaking of checking something out, check out the new link list on the upper left side of the blog - where there are now links to finding what you need here.)  As I try to restart my writing and my querying, I'll be here - talking about that, too.

And as always, if you have a story to tell or a bit of wisdom to share, let me know.  I can always find a place to pencil you in for a guest blog.  (Especially great if you are published and have something about to release - because, hey, I like to help people sell their hard work, too.)

So, stop on by.  Tell your friends to stop on by.  Do the world a favor and 'follow' the blog, so it rises higher in the ratings and more people will find out what an awesome place this is.  (Or what an awesome place it will be with a little more help.)


  1. Good for you for getting this going again!

    If you want me to guest post, just let me know.

  2. I love your tenacity, B.E. - and look forward to reading more on this blog (since I am unpublished and in need of survival tips - as in 'How long can one endure the unpublished wilderness before jungle fever sets in?')!!

  3. I thought I'd followed before, but I am now. :) Welcome back!

  4. Thanks, JB. We'll talk.

    Tenacious like a terrier, Janet - except when it comes it my writing. And as for the jungle fever? It didn't take long to set in, but now it comes and goes. ;o)

    I thought you'd followed, too, Silver. I'm glad you do now. =o)

  5. I totally get the whole -life throwing out obstacles- thing... I'm here with ya, sister! This blog is great! Thanks for all your hard work at keeping us inspired!

  6. Blogging is challenging. It takes time to get something on the level you're trying to achieve going as well... After all, this is more than just a personal blog; you're trying to make a guide for writers, and that takes time and energy... and stamina.

    Don't be alarmed if you don't succeed in a year. With her multitude of followers, you'd think Kristen Lamb had a secret formula, but she has posted often about her startup days, when months upon months would go by without any followers or comments....

    Give yourself time and be forgiving when things seem to be going slowly. You can do it.


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