Monday, May 13, 2013

How Do You Keep Writing?

This morning there's an awesome article over at the Writers Digest blog:

"How to Keep Writing in the Face of Rejection"

Go read that and then come back here and tell us how YOU keep writing in the face of rejection. 

Some days I'm not sure how I do it.  I guess I have to set aside the idea of getting published and just write for myself.  Because after the rejections weigh me down, and I'd rather curl up in a ball under the covers until the world ends, something has to get my fingers on the keyboard again.  I can't not write - not for very long anyway.

So, how do you keep writing when all you want to do is quit?  How do you not quit?


  1. Ask me that when I've not 'not quit' ;)

    Fabulous link, B.E. - thanks. The 'write for someone who loves your writing' resonated with me. And I love the fact that the author is doing a digital serial book where the readers have the chance to mold the story line!

  2. I *HAVE* to write. Even when I'm feeling lazy and blocked, my brain gets all "itchy" because my fingers aren't on the keyboard or I don't have a pen in my hand making notes.

    While I always wanted to be a published writer, I figured I never would but I continued to write and submit, expect for that ten or so years in life intervened. Then I just wrote. For myself. The books written during that time were two of the first I sold. Just sayin'.

    FYI, you have too much talent--are too good of a storyteller to quit. You'll be published one way or another. I'm convinced of it!

  3. It helps to cultivate a sense of stubbornness or a "dammit, I'll show them!" attitude.

    BTW -- Even after being published I still have days when I want to quit.

    If you want to do something easy, become a soap opera addict.


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