Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Purpose of The Guide

Hi All!

I don't know how necessary this is, but since I got a rather strange email this morning, I thought I would explain what this blog is all about (and what it's not about).

I created The Guide to reach out to other unpublished writers.  We're here to help each other.  I bring in published writers from time to time - because they've been where we are and they made it out.  I want to help other unpublished writers become published writers - and hopefully help myself reach that goal, too, in the process.

I do not, and will not, use this place as a means to sell other people's services.  Not that some  services aren't perfectly valid and necessary.  I just don't want to sell that stuff here.

I will use this to help sell other author's books.  Someday I'll be published, too, and I hope someone out there does a little helping sell my books, too.  It's a pay it forward system.  But I don't do this because I hope that someday you'll all feel beholden to me and feel like you have to buy my books.  I certainly don't feel like I have to buy my guest posters' books because they stopped by here.  I buy them because I want them.  I hope you all will do the same when the time comes.

So, my little welcome message over there on the right?  It's meant to encourage other WRITERS to guest post here.  It is not meant to encourage people to stop by and hawk their wares.  While I do appreciate the fact that people have services they need to sell in order to buy groceries, I don't want it done here. 

This place is for writers.  Period.  Fiction and non-fiction.  Hell, I'll even love it if a editor stops by - if they've got something writerly to say.  As long as the post they have in mind isn't slanted toward selling their services in particular, we can work something out.  Write me a post geared toward helping writers, and you're golden.  (The same goes for cover artists, illustrators, publishers, agents, etc.) 

Want to write a sales flyer for your company disguised as an informational blog post?  Head on down the road.

I hope all that makes sense and clarifies things for the casual passerby. 

Thanks for stopping by.

-B.E. Sanderson


  1. Crystal! But then I thought it was pretty crystal when you started the blog ;)

  2. *thumbs up* As one of those published, I still enjoy stopping by just to read and learn. A writer should never stop learning about the craft.

  3. I get those emails all the time, too. I don't know why they think they can sell stuff on my blog, but they are sadly mistaken.

  4. Sad that you even had to write this post. :-(


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