Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Important Advice

For the love of godiva, post your email address!

This is important so agents can contact you, but also, it's important if you're entering a contest - like the gal I still haven't heard from who won Karin Tabke's book.  There has to be some way to contact you privately listed on your blog, your twitter bio, your FB page... Throw the world a bone.

And I realize putting your email addy out there means who might get inundated with spam or let stalkers know where you can be reached or any number of other paranoid things.  I get it.  If you're worried, create an email addy that you only use for public consumption.  But please... Be reachable.  You never know when you might be missing out.


  1. I used to fret about not being able to contact winners, but now I put the responsibility on the winners.

    So many people enter contests with no interest other than getting something for free. Why should I kill myself tracking them down if they don't follow the blog to track it themselves?

    I always state when a contest ends and when winners will be selected. If they can't be bothered to contact me then that's their choice.


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