Thursday, December 6, 2012

Check This Out - Doing Enough

This morning on Facebook, Karin Tabke said this was 'a must read post', so as soon as I got to it in my blogfeed, I read it.  She was so right.

This morning at Magical Musings, Natalie R. Collins stopped by and talked about the many things she's doing.  I think it's important for all of us unpubs to remember all the things we could be doing to get our work out there.  And for us to remember, when/if we jump into self-publishing, her words to 'clean it up'.  (I don't know if hiring people to do it for us is necessarily necessary, but the idea holds true.)

(And don't mind my double comment over there.  I'm having a brain fart morning and they don't let you delete your own comments.)


  1. Great link this morning, B.E. - and another New To Me blog I've spent way too much time checking out ;)

  2. Oops, sorry. It's a great blog, though. =o)


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