Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Page Critiques and My Hitch

Hi Everyone!

Over at The Writing Spectacle, a couple people commented that I should submit the first page of one of my novels to Casablanca Authors - where Deb Werksman will read & critique every first page submitted and request fulls from the ones that interest her.  The hitch?  (at least a hitch from my standpoint) She wants only Romance or Women's Fiction. 

If you've got those genres, go for it.  Please.  You've really got nothing to lose.

I lose out, though, because I don't write romance.  Oh sure, I have a few romantic elements in my novels, but they have never been the main thrust of the story.  (Pardon the pun.)  It's not my thing.  I've tried.  Really I have, but the romantic threads fall apart or they come off totally lame.  And don't even get me started on my inability to write sex.

Talk about 'insert tab A into slot B'.  Bleh.

I do read romance.  I admire those writers' ability to write believable love stories with plots and strong characters.  My stuff is more like a deflated balloon - all limp and lifeless and just lying there.  (Again, pardon the puns.  I can't help myself.)

So, thanks for the suggestion, ladies, but I'll have to bow out of this one.  Maybe next time.

And please, if you know of any open calls for submission or any free contests unpubs can enter, let me know.  I'll post them here when I learn of them.

Also, if you haven't answered the poll in the upper left yet, please do so.  Thanks so much. 

Finally, remember to stop by tomorrow for The Guide's first guest post.  I'm so excited!  :muppetflail: Yay!


  1. Thanks for the tip about the critique! I wish I had something to submit right now, but I'm done querying Warrior Branded and my newest novel isn't finished yet. Drat!

  2. Shoot her Warrior Branded anyway. IMO, you're not done querying until you've either got an agent or it's being published. ;o)

  3. True. However, while I'm proud of WB, I have grown so much as a writer since then that it isn't a true reflection of my writing abilities now. I've thought about entering it in contests, or even giving the querying thing another shot, but I'd rather focus on finishing a new novel. I know this limits me, but alas, I'm too stubborn to do otherwise ;)

  4. Oh, I totally understand. Do what you have to. I was going to say 'stubborn writers, unite' until I realized 'stubborn writer' is redundant. ;o)


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