Thursday, December 27, 2012

Check This Out

My friend, Natalie Murphy, has a great and timely post over at The Sound of Rain: Ten Things to Keep in Mind When Writing Your New Year's Resolutions.  She's got some awesome suggestions for those of you in mind to make resolutions or even those trying to put together a list of goals for 2013.

It's the first in a two-post series, so I'll try to come back and post the link when she puts up the second part.

And there it is... Part Two.   Read 'em both.


If one of your goals for 2013 is to join a writing group, the Query Tracker Blog has posted an awesome Field Guide to Writing Groups.  I'll definitely be exploring writing groups in my own way in the future, but this is the best explanation I've seen otherwise. Almost makes me want to go join a group again.


  1. And thank you for the awesome post. People should definitely read it. =o)


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