Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Check This Out: Revising After NaNoWriMo

Scrolling down my dashboard the other day, I came across this link that I thought would be perfect to share here:

Operation Awesome - Gennifer Albin: How I Revise

She gives excellent advice.  I've done the print thing for years, and I've tried the font changing thing, too.  Both are prime ways to get out of the rut your brain gets into so you can revise without getting in your own way. 

Never tried the text to speech thing.  I do read my work out loud sometimes to get the dialogue right, but that's still me reading to myself.  This might be a fresh way to break away from myself.  If I figure it out and it works, I'll let you all know.

What tricks do you have to help you edit?  Have you tried any of these and how did they work for you?


  1. Strangely, editing hasn't been something that is hard, upsetting, or particularly painful for me. I tend to write a fairly clean copy to begin with. I know of several writers who use the text to speech. I always read my dialogue out loud--and act out my action scenes. I only read narrative passages aloud if a scene doesn't seem to be working.

  2. I hate editing. HATE it. Time away from a project helps me...and I read the whole thing aloud.


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