Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Guide Reader Poll

Hi Everyone!

(Too perky for first thing on a Saturday?  Okay, I'll tone it down.)


I know at this point there are only 5 of you actually following the Guide, but I wanted to do a little 'beginning of the blog' research. So, over there on the left, I set up a little poll to run through the month of December.  All you have to do is pick an option and click VOTE.  It's all anonymous and totally unscientific.

I think I touched on every possible short answer one could give to this question, but if you're in a spot that I didn't cover, let me know in comments.  And by 'published', I don't want to differentiate between 'traditional' and 'indie' and 'self' here. 

And just so no one feels lonely or out of place, I answered first.  I've written several books but am unpublished.

I'll leave the poll up through New Year's Eve, so answer whenever you get a chance.

Thanks for stopping by The Guide and I hope you keep coming back.

Also, watch for our first sooper sekrit guest post on Monday.  It should be awesome. 


  1. Perky? You? Nawwwww. ;-)

    I answered. Can't wait to see who your guest is!

  2. Hey hun! I'm going to "vote" here because none of the options really fit me. I have finished one novel and queried it already, but I am unpublished ;)

  3. LOL, Silver. Some days I'm downright sparkly.

    Ack. It was the whole 'what do I do now thing', wasn't it? Sorry about that. And now I can't edit it because people have voted. Bleh. If you swing back by, just click the one book answer. I know you know what you're doing. =o)

  4. Voted - looking forward to Monday's sekrit guest bloggers :)


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